Whether you just need to unwind leisurely on a hiking trail or crave the thrill of a challenging adventure – Thabela offers a myriad of nature-related activities for everyone.


Hiking routes vary between 3 – 7 km’s and offer spectacular views a true bush experience.

A hiking map is available at Reception. Some mountain routes include access to historic gold mine caves that are carved out of stone. When you enter these, take a torch with you and be careful of porcupine and bats lurking in the dark.

Click here for Thabela’s Hiking Map

Booking:     Not required
Costs:          R50 per person.
Hours:         8h00 – 17h00
Facilitator:  Not required


Do you feel like breaking away for a day to enjoy fresh air, amazing hiking routes and relax afterwards for a braai? Book a lapa or braai facility for the day!
All our braai facilities include:
Lapa / picnic / braai area and chairs, fridge, access to toilets & dishwashing facility.
What to bring:
Own plates, cutlery, braai grid, firelighters and matches. Wood available at kiosk (or bring your own)

Booking: Prior booking essential. Book here.
Costs:      R50 for hiking
R50 for braai facility (per person).
Hours:     8h00 – 17h00 hours
Minimum people: 2
Maximum people: 20



For the adventurous at heart! Hike the steep Baboon’s Cliff Route and climb up the narrow cliff (“Devils Chimney”) to the chain ladder. Enjoy a spectacular view from the top of the escarp. Take the plunge and challenge yourself to abseil with a rope from the rock face!

Booking:    Prior booking essential. Book here.
Costs:         R270 per person.
Hours:        4 – 6 hours
Facilitator: Required
Minimum people: 6

RIVER RAFTING: at Parys nearby

River rafting is nature therapy at its best! Experience the thrill of rowing over the rapids of the Vaal river in a rubber duck.
Have fun with your friends or do it as a great team building activity.

Booking:      Book through our office. Book here.
Costs:           R250 per person.
Hours:          3 – 5 hours
Facilitator:   Required
Minimum people: 10


Thabela’s Obstacle Course is perfect as a high-energy teambuilding activity. The challenges are designed to build collaboration, patience and communication skills amongst team members. Great laughter tonic!

Booking:     Prior booking essential. Book here.
Costs:          R170 per person.
Hours:         2 – 3 hours
Facilitator:  Required
Minimum people: 10


Conquer your fear of heights, build confidence and enjoy the challenge of abseiling down Thabela’s 10-meter-high abseil tower. It is a great way to practice for rock abseiling at Baboon’s Cliff. Exhilarating!

Booking:     Prior booking essential. Book here.
Costs:          R160 per person.
Hours:         3 – 5 hours
Facilitator:  Required
Minimum people: 10


Drift down the river in a tube and enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the river. Great activity for team building or groups who want to have fun. Remember your hat and suntan oil!

Booking:     Prior booking essential. Book here.
Costs:          R100 per person.
Hours:         1-2 hours
Facilitator:  Required
Minimum people: 10


Thabela Thabeng is situated in the heart of the renowned Vredefort Dome, the largest and oldest meteorite impact site in the world. Learn all the exciting facts about this cataclysmic event! Our guided tour of Thabela’s Dome Information Room (at Reception) will help you identify rocks in the mountains that resulted from the impact of the meteorite.

Booking:     Prior booking essential. Book here.
Costs:          R50 per person.
Hours:         45 minutes
Facilitator:  Required
Minimum people: 2


Thabela’s mountain biking route is neither too hard nor too easy and holds the promise of an enchanting, freeride – no matter your skill level. Only mountain bikes are allowed on the route and the route does not have any specially constructed jumps and ramps.

Booking:     Prior booking essential. Book here.
Costs:          R120 per person.
Distance:     6,1 km
Facilitator:  Not required
Minimum people: 2


Thabela Thabeng borders on the Vaal river – a popular fly fishing destination. Fly fishing is an angling method that uses a light-weight lure such as an artificial fly to catch fish, usually in rapids. The best season to enjoy fly fishing is from September to April, during the warmer months. Typical fish that are caught in the river is small and large mouth yellow fish, mudfish, carp and catfish.

Booking:     Prior booking essential. Book here.
Costs:          R100 per person per day
Hours:         7am – 6pm
Facilitator:  Guiding available on request
Minimum people: 1


Thabela Thabeng is a bird-lovers paradise. The area boasts more than 300 species of birds including several rare species. Due to the great biodiversity of the area, a wide spectrum of small and larger birds can be spotted, either in the mountainous area or alongside the riverbank.


Thabela Thabeng is a haven for enthusiasts of photography. From breath-taking views and mountain or river panoramas to the beauty of various birds, butterflies and small game, the farm offers unlimited opportunities for creative photography.


Due to its location in the Dome Valley, Thabela Thabeng has little light pollution which makes for spectacular stargazing. Lie down on your back and drift away in the beauty of the night sky splendour, gazing at shooting stars and the magnificent Milky Way.


If you feel the itch to explore, take the scenic drive to Parys, 20 minutes’ drive from Thabela. This unique little town became well-known for its artistic culture, bohemian restaurants and coffee shops, art and crafts, designer clothing, antique shops and craft beer.

“Where wilderness can still be found, the ancientness of the land and the nobility of man’s struggle emerge. Wilderness is vastly different from the clutter and clatter of much of our civilized world. In wilderness one experiences exhilaration and joy. In freedom and simplicity, in its vitality and immense variety, happiness may not only be pursued; it is ofttimes found.”
― Harvey Broome

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